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PV Value- Find your home's new value from adding solar energy!

Did you receive a proposal or just want to confirm what the home value increase from solar will be once you've installed solar panels?

Sign in, for FREE, using the PvValue Calculator.

 Disclaimer: We DO NOT collect or see your contact information- you must book an appointment separately via our site.

Get an accurateprivate, and personalized evaluation and calculation for going solar!

The same calculator regulators and appraisers utilize nationwide

After verifying your email address and login credentials, submit your property address.

Once you've verified the property address and location is correct, input the property information like example below:

Now we get to enter the solar system proposed. Be sure to input the correct roof face direction for proper sun exposure. This equates the amount of solar production into the calculations from years of historical data collected at your zip code.

Now we enter the inverter size. The inverter is what converts the DC power into AC power that your home utilizes.

Our 30-year warranty means no replacement costs for the next 30 years.

Now we calculate a portion of the payback period based on financing rates or cash to purchase the solar array.

Next, if the assumed utility provider and rate is correct, we only need to input the actual inflation (escalation) rate.

Over the last decade this has increased by a minimum of 5% YoY.

Lastly, our home value increased from adding solar panels is calculated.

Remember, this is based on your zip code specific location, the solar production based on sun hours and shade, financing rates, replacement costs, and comparable home value prices of the zip code.

The FREE report can also be downloaded as a PDF and printed/ saved.

Simply put, due to the generation of the free electricity, overtime the "value" is realized.

The value from day one is at and/ or is nearly breakeven from the added value of the equipment and instant savings.

Making going solar unlike any other investment or asset you can buy!

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